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E.H. Scott FM Philarmonic parts needed - Tuning shaft & 15'' paper cone

Hi there, E.H. Scott peeps!

My collection is growing, and last May I had the opportunity to purchase an FM Philarmonic from Mr. King. I bought this as a project for much, much later. See, my vision is to someday own an FM Philarmonic, inside a Laureate Grande cabinet.

Now, I don't think I'll find a Laureate Grande anytime soon. Mind you, I'm still trying to purchase my first home. However, there are smaller bits and pieces I can try to source in the meantime, such as the tuning shaft, a complete knob set and a replacement 15'' paper cone.

So here goes : would anyone have a tuning shaft for an FM Philarmonic sitting around? The bolt spacing is 1.5''. Kent and I have figured out a Phantom tuning shaft will not fit as the bolts are spaced 1.25''. 

As far as the speaker cone goes, from what I can tell, it has a 2'' (or slightly more) voice coil. Depth is hard to measure precisely without taking my speaker apart, but it sould be around 4''. 

If you can help with finding either one of these parts, I would be eternally grateful. I will be in Kutztown next week, as usual. 

Cheers from Quebec city, Canada.


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Will a AM Philharmonic shaft be the same?

Later AM sets had a support plate added behind the shaft, but the hole spacing and standoff height is the same.  Yes, an AM one should work fine for this fellow.   

Brad Winder said:


Will a AM Philharmonic shaft be the same?

Hi! I just wanted to update you on the tuning shaft, which I found thanks to Bill Liers. We met up in Kutztown, and I got to installing the part yesterday. It's a small step in the restoration, but I'm happy to check it off the list. 

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