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I am not affiliated with this seller in any way, but I saw this on ebay. 

For the Scott collector, this (after a lot of work) might be a good changer for that person who must have an original for that early console.  I know it does not have the "Scott" tag, 

RARE Vintage Garrard RC 2 Turntable Phonograph Record Changer Playe...



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Thanks for the heads up, Igor, but, looking at the condition of that turntable versus the price, I am reminded that "a fool and his money are soon parted." $652.50, PLUS $213.60 shipping !!! That might be believable were the turntable in pristine condition, but THE TONE ARM IS BROKEN ! This unit might be worth $25 or $30 as a parts source, but whoever posted this ad on eBay is mad if they expect to get that price for it, and if anyone actually PAYS THAT for it they are madder still.

The broken tonearm can be repaired.  The bigger issue is the missing third record magazine support.  The offeted changer is strictly a parta unit.


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