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My Laureate is missing a facia panel and I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a template to facilitate the making of one. I seem to recall seeing a template for another Scott model, but there's nothing in the owner's manual for the Laureate. With thanks, Jonathan

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Are you just ta;king about a wood veneered panel on which to mount the control escutcheon, magic eye escutcheon and rectangular dial escutcheon all of which you already have?  

Hello David,
Yes I am talking about the wooden panel tho sadly I do not have any of the escutcheons. In their absence I was thinking I might make the panel of alloy, tho I'd prefer to have them and make it up from wood.

The rectangular 4 1/2 x 8" dial escutcheon is unique to the Scott Laureate. However, some  WW2 morale receivers use the same dimensions dial - like my Scott SLR-H - but may not be brass.   The more commonly seen Scott Phantom dial escutcheon  is 3 1/2 x 10", so be careful to select the correct size if you see one.  

The round style control escutcheons for your Laureate are the same style as other 1939-41 Scott models,  but your Laureate uses only these four:   WAVE CHANGE,  VOLUME,  FIDELITY  & BASS.  Maybe a set will show up somewhere. The magic eye escutcheon is fairly common, or I can supply one.

Maybe a panel will show up on eBay. Or to discuss a panel, e-mail me:

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