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I'll be headed to Kutztown with a few pre-war converters in tow this Friday. If there are any interested parties, Kent has offered to bring them back to his place for easy pick up and saving of postage. The antenna and cable kit will be included at no extra charge for this group. As of this post there are 2 of the analog and two of the digital version available.

Message me for more info,

regards Bill

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Put me down for the digital version for Kent to bring back.

Roger that David.

David C. Poland said:

Put me down for the digital version for Kent to bring back.

Hi Bill, Could you expplain the differences between the 2 versions? I'm assuming the analog one is based on a TV tuner, but have not heard of the digital one. Thanks, Karl


The TV tuner converter is made by another fellow altogether. This is a new design which uses a broadband preamp and mixer fed by a low noise VCO to create a LO output of 45 MHz. The preamp is a variable gain type which allows you to compensate for distant and local stations.

The difference in the two versions is that the analog uses a single turn potentiometer to create the 88 to 108M range. The digital version uses a precision 10 turn potentiometer along with a digital frequency counter readout which shows the station at hand. From an RF and functional perspective, they are the same. They are $250 and 325 respectively.

regards, Bill


Thanks Bill, that's a nice solution which still uses the Scott FM portion!

Your welcome Karl,

The early Scott FM quality was the inspiration to make these.


I'd like to get a digital one. But after you get back home...I'm in Canada, and we can't travel this year.

OK Brad,

Contact me at   and I'll make sure you get one.

Thanks, Bill

Can I get one of the digital versions please?

OK John,

You're on the list. Please contact me at

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