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I wanted to give the Scott forum members the initial opportunity for this set, I'll be posting on ARF a little later. Then eBay...

Tuner & Amp are badly rusted, have been recapped (poorly). A lot of the tube shields are not chrome. I didn't think to check if they are aluminum, but will.

The Power transformer tests good, with 119V in, I read 7.1 V for the 6.3 V line, 5.45V for the 5 V line and 384-0-384 for the B+. These are all unloaded readings. One of the 5U4s is up to air.

The speaker is in great shape, no rips, tears, looks to be the original cone. Field coil measures 904 Ohms (503 at the tap), Output transformer primary reads 73- 0 - 96.3 ohms, secondary 1.8 ohms (1.3 ohms at the 19 ohm tap), and the voice coil measures 32 ohms. No rubbing detected.

I did not try turning on the whole set. Too many unknowns.


Tuner $50

Amp $50

Face Board $35

12" Tauscher Sound Board $35

Speaker $135

Plus shipping. I know how to pack things so they arrive in the same condition sent.

Some pictures below, contact me if you need more info.

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More Pictures...


More Pictures...


Last set of pictures.


Forgot to mention, the speaker is 12"

The non chrome tube shields are aluminum, or at least non ferrous.

For future reference, how do I add pictures such that they show in the posting, not as an attachment?


when you post you will see the dialog box below appear,

click on the box circled in yellow, then browse your computer, select the photo you want, then click on ok


Thanks Mike.

Should I repost with the pictures as part of the post, or just leave it as is?


Hi karl-If you still have the face board and Tauscher sound thingie I will buy those

Karl, if you want I can CNC route you a new Philharmonic face board, my labor in trade for the old Phantom face board. 

Bruce, I'll give you a call tomorrow, we've talked before.

Scott, I appreciate the offer, if the face board falls through with Bruce I'll let you know.

Thanks, Karl

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