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I am going to have to reveneer the top of my Waverly Grande cabinet as someone has tried to do this once before and done a very poor job. My question to anyone who has an original is what direction does the grain run, front to back or side to side, Want to get it right this time.



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The veneer should oriented with the grain going side to side.  Make sure you remove all glue from the former attempt and if there are any cracks or low spots, fill and make very flat before adding the new veneer.


Thank you Norman, I thought that would be correct. I just wanted to be sure. I was able to obtain a tweeter cable so I now have everything I need to make the radio complete!


Make sure everything is clean befor putting new Veneer  on.Take your time.  Angelo

Thanks Angelo, A friend of mine is expert in such things and he has offered to assist me with this project. I will handle all of the radio chassis work.


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