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Hello everybody:


My name is José Bustos, from Santiago, Chile. I have my first Scott, a 800B, just few days and I am reading every note and article that I find on Internet.


I have a small radio collection of pre 1940, restored by me., so I started the restoration of the Scott 800B, and I can see that I will have a lot of entertainment for many time.


I want to thank the opportunity given to me to belong to this interesting web group and I am sending my greetings to all of you.


Kind regards,


José Bustos

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Jose, welcome!

And please keep us informed about progress with your 800B. 


Leonid, thank you !


I have been reading the post of your 800B. Very good ones.


Sure, I will inform my progress. For now, I am cleaning the amplifier chassis (it has rust unfortunatelly) and looking for capacitors and resistors to change the old ones. 


I was reading that the bathtube capacitors have a dangerous kind of oil inside (PCB, cancerigen and forbidden in many countries). I must to decide between open them and install inside new caps or just use new ones outside. What do you think?


Kind regards,




Most of the bathtub capacitors used in the 800B are wax paper types requiring replacement.  Some sets had one or two bathtub capacitors that were oil and were marked "oil".  The oil used in almost all oil type bathtub capacitors is mineral oil rather than polyclorinated byphenol (pcb).  The oil type bathtub capacitors, however, are usually very reliable and will operate satisfactorily for a very long time.  They are so reliable and long lived that audiofiles are buying WWII vintage oil capacitors to use on new projects!  I recommend testing the bathtub capacitor for leakage and if the test indicates very low leakage as an oil capacitor should, leave it in service.  I have encountered a small number of oil type bathtub capacitors that have failed therefore it is prudent to test them.



I really appreciate your comments, are very useful to me. Then  I will test the leakage of the bathtube capacitors first.


Thank you very much !!


Kind regards,






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