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I have acquired a 14 tubes Masterpiece. The radio has been modified in the late 50's with a Miller BFO, probably for the FM.  I am currently working on the radio circuit, I have already recapped the power supply, and lucky me, the speaker was in the nice condition from the beginning. the radio number is ZZ170

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THe 14 tube Scott Masterpiece is an AM only radio with short wave bands.  No FM, not even prewar FM. 

The high band may say Television and ultra High Frequency. The pre War TV received only the video signal. Before WW2, TV sound was by high frequency Short Wave and a radio with a high band was necessary to get the TV audio. 

There was briefly advertised an FM version of the Scott Masterpiece, with an FM circuit and another 6 or 7 tubes on the right side of the receiver. Had the round black Stradivarius motif dial, but the high band said Frequency Modulation. I know of only one example found. Has two magic eye tubes - photo in the Cabinet folder in a Breamer cabinet.

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