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I will be welcoming my newest Scott radio next week when it arrives from California-it is a model 16 in the Warrington cabinet.(pictures attached) This one will be the 7th newer style Warrington in my collection, by far the most of one style cabinet I have.


Here's the list of cabinets I have. I'd I suspect this is a good cross section of what was sold new.


BTW-I really like the understated elegance of the later Warringon.It's one  my favorites and must have been a favorite too in the 1930's.


Newer Warrington = 7

Newer Tassman = 3

Braemer = 2

Early Tassman = 2

Windsor = 2

Laureate Grande = 2

Imperial Grande = 1

Lido = 1

Westminster = 1

Clifton =1

Wellington = 1

Sheraton = 1

Regent = 1

Aqusticraft = 1

Waverly Grande = 1

Roslyn Grande = 1

Chippendale (800B) = 1

Regency (800B) = 1

Unknown early similar to Plymouth = 1

Early 1932 possible custom made = 1

Retrofit in Zenith 12S-471 = 1

I think that's it for me.


Obviously The Warrington and Tassman seem to be the most frequently seen ones




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Oh, I thought it may have been cabinet only.

Thanks Carlos!



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