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Hi all!

I'm thinking on getting started restoring my Allwave 15. The only thing stopping me is the speaker. Its cone was removed at some point for some reason. This was before I bought it. 

I just measured the voice coil and it measures around 1 ohm. Also I measured between the two thicker pins of the plug which I believe are the two ends of the field coil (is that right?). Measured 800 ohms.

Sooo I'd like to have your opinion about this. Can it be salvaged? The spider looks fine to me but I'm no expert. Where will I find a paper cone that matches this speaker?

Finally, is there any data about this particular model somewhere? I don't know the model but I'm sure most of you will know right away with my pictures even though the labels are gone.

Thank you and have a good Saturday eve,

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The speaker for the Allwave Fifteen has two field coils.  The second field coil is between pins 2 and 3 and should measure roughly 2175 ohms.  This winding is vital for operation of the receiver.  If the voice coil is free (not binding or rubbing), you may be able to add a cone to the existing voice coil and spider.  Someone was selling cones for some of the Scott 12-inch speakers on eBay but I have not seen their listings for a while.  Also the Allwave Fifteen employed 12-inch Jensen pedestal speakers having three different basket configurations not all of which used the same cone.  Another eBay listing offering 12-inch Jensen cones can be reached from the link below.  Check these cones against your requirements before purchasing.  If all else fails, I have a spare available but I have yet to check it out.


Thank you for you answer Norman,

The second field coil measures in specs (2220 ohms). So that's good to know! How about the first one between the two thick pins? Does 800 ohms seem OK to you? And the voice coil?

I do not feel any rubbing when I move the voice coil. 

Hi Felix-you should also be aware your speaker is the highly sought after cast aluminum basket version. The Asians love to buy these for several hundreds of $$. Most AW 15s had a metal cover over the back of the speaker with a bolt through the middle of the metal can.

I use the speaker shop to recone my Scott speakers. Nick is in GA and does a great job at a reasonable price IMO.

Felix:  Yes, 800 ohms is about right for the first field coil.  You have a good candidate for reconing.  Bruce is correct regarding the demand in Asia for these speakers however the basket on your speaker is the more fragile and less desirable version of the cast basket.  Jensen only made the weaker basket for approximately one year then went a stamped basket version.  The Allwave Fifteen was offered with all three versions.


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