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After a 3 year wait, I today finally put my Super XII into the Herron cabinet I bought years ago with an Airline set in it. I had the Scott gone through and recapped. This Super XII is serial TT-88 and I had purchased it in Lexington KY about 6 years ago

Another fellow made the face board for it from an old AK side panel. I had to mount the Scott speaker in the side as it was too large to mount in the overhead area. Still sound just fine though.

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Y2K Bruce;

That is certainly a beautiful example of wood carving. That is virtually a lost art in cabinet work these days. It is nice to see such wonderful craftsmanship in cabinetry. Thank you for preserving it!


Bruce, ---  Nice

Your's is the 4 th example I have seen of that spectacular highboy cabinet. Each with a different make radio.

Scott literature touted the Super II and Masterpiece models as excellent for replacing an obsolete radio in a fine old radio cabinet. So a very legit retrofit.

My Super 12 is # TT-42.  I had put my restored Scott Masterpiece in a 1931 FADA lowboy. Then last year I restored for someone another Scott Masterpiece and ended up trading my nice FADA cabinet for his rough Scott Mayfair phono combo cabinet missing the phono. I was happy.

Ain't that a beauty!

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