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Hi all! So I'm the proud owner of an Allwave Deluxe that I picked up at the NWVRS swap meet last weekend near Portland, OR.

I'm not new to restoring antique radios - but this is my first EH Scott. I'm sure I have a ton to learn about these radios and it sure looks like I've found the right people to learn from! 

So first things first - the serial number is U 226:



The radio came installed in a "Lido" cabinet:

Full Front

Front Upper

Front Lower


Right Side


The inside of the cabinet appears to say: "Made By Rockford Peerless Furniture Co, Rockford Ill":


Main Chassis

Photos of the radio itself:

Chassis Front

Chassis Top

From what I've read this chassis is the later model and should have the tuning meter - but mine doesn't have one. I assume that's a modification?


Speaker Front

Speaker Back

Power / Amp Chassis

Power/Amp Side

Power/Amp Front

The previous owner used 2A5 -> 45 adapters. I've got some actual 45 tubes to put there.


This is a shortwave addon?


Wunderlich Tube

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Good news that your radio played during the test power up.

As per Mike's comment,  on my AW-12, that stiff wire is secured to the back of the bottom of the dial mechanism. 

The stiff wire is supposed to be "L" shaped at the top and adjusted so as to cast a horizontal shadow onto the opaque white dial strip to show the dial setting. The horizontal shadow is stationary while the turning the dial knob, as the dial strip rotates up or down past the shadow.  The horizontal shadow should appear about mid way in the dial escutcheon when the radio is in the cabinet. When you have that shadow where it should be, then it is time to make final dial calibration. Changing the dial lamp position on the stalk affects the shadow of the dial.  My AW-12 is very accurate from end to end of the broadcast band.

The meter shadow (when you obtain a meter) will display as a small vertical shadow above the horizontal shadow. The dial light may need adjustment to control where the shadow falls on the dial strip. The tuning meter needle shadow moves left or right to indicate signal strength. 

Thanks Mike and David.

I measured the remaining bit of tuning indicator wire as 0.64mm (=0.0252") in diameter. I ordered a 10ft length of Size 11 piano wire (0.026") from eBay.

Here is what I fashioned:

And here it is installed:

BTW - I had plenty of wire left over so if anybody needs a length of it just let me know - happy to share.

I'm still missing the tuning meter of course - will post a wanted ad for that, although if it's anything like with the shadow meters Philcos they're not all that easy to come by on their own.

Finally, here's the AllWave Deluxe all shined up and put back together and installed in the Radio Room:

That Looks awesome, Nathan!  I hope it sounds that way as well.

Thanks Robert! Yes - it's a very sensitive set and sounds great. I'm really enjoying it now that it has moved from the workshop to the house. :)

Just started on the Philharmonic I purchased from Ron.  That'll be a big project!

Awesome! Now that will be an amazing radio when it's all fixed up! I'm Looking forward to following your progress. 


Great job on your AW-12 restoration.  I am very impressed with your attention to detail.  Very impressive you took the time to make a new dial pointer.  It looks spot on to the original!


Thanks Jon!

I'm happy with how it turned out.

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