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 I just got into this fascinating hobby.  Just redid a couple of radios I grew up with - a Majestic 1941, and Philco Model14 - 1933, chassis only. Now working on a Philco 96, 1930.  I decided I needed a real radio and found a Scott 16 in an Acousticraft cabinet.  It's not in the greatest shape as there is a fair amount of chrome damage and it is missing a few parts.  The receiver, power supply and speaker are intact and fairly unmolested, but I need knobs, the large dial pointer and a replacement plastic dial cover.  Are there reproductions of these parts?  Or, in particular, does anyone have a pointer they might want to sell?  I guess I can live with non original knobs and I think I could vacuum form a new dial cover.  I couldn't find anything at Radio Daze.

This project will be on the back burner for awhile, especially as I research dealing with the rust areas in the chrome.  Not sure I want to completely strip the chassis and have it re-plated.  I guess it depends on what it's value might be completely restored.

I've done a little research on the 16 in the forum's archives.  I'm not really sure of what I've got. I don't know how popular the 16 was or how it performed compared to the other Scott models.  Any input would be appreciated.


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Set about doing an alignment.  I suspect the IF was set at 455kc rather than 465kc. I had to turn the trimmers quite a bit to get it peaked at 465.  That put the dial off by about kc.  Everything has been adjusted and the dial tracking is quite good to very good on all bands.  I didn't want to get into the coils and spread/compress windings, so I'm happy I didn't have to.

Question: Several tubes are pretty weak and I have replacements on order.  How much will stronger tubes affect alignment?  I suspect not a lot but would like to know your experience.

Also, there is a bit of hum that is not caused by the power supply.  Do spiral filaments make much difference?  My tube source is going to look for spiral filaments, but I suspect that he won't find many/any!

I found a belt that seems to work well.  It's a flat belt that is almost 1/4 inch wide.  I thought I might have to trim it but it just fits between the flanges.  Ordered a 9" circumference, an 8.8", and an 8.6".  The 8.8" seems to be perfect.  They have lots of sizes.

Elliott Electronic Supply

I'm still looking for the long pointer on the dial.  Until such time as I find one, this will have to do!


I too am missing the correct dial pointer for my 16. I found one that is the exact design, but the pointer arms are shorter. Seems that Fairbanks-Morse and Emerson used the same pointer on some of their console chassis...

I've been keeping my eyes open for a sacrificial Emerson radio with the same pointer.  I think I can figure out how to lengthen the pointer.

Thanks!  I just ordered one too.


Robert Feenstra said:

I found a belt that seems to work well.  The 8.8" seems to be perfect.

With the exception of a couple of tube problems, this radio performs admirably except for one problem.  I am trying to track down an unacceptable amount of hum.  It is coming from the 1st AF 6K7 and is there whether the radio is in radio mode or phono mode, even with the volume control all the way down. All power supply voltages have been checked for ripple and additional capacitance does not affect the hum.  I've tried several 6K7's to no effect.

The manual talks about spiral wound filaments as being necessary to reduce/eliminate hum.  Is this the most likely cause of my hum problem? If so, what brands of tubes utilized spiral wound filaments?  None of the ones I have utilize this type of filament.

Thanks for your help! 


Is your radio on the bench next to the amplifier, close proximity can cause hum,

just a thought,


Amplifier position has no effect.  Interesting though, if I put my finger on the grid cap of the 1st AF, I can cancel out the hum.  If I turn the AC plug in the outlet, then putting my finger on the grid cap adds to the hum.  Obviously a phase thing.  I gotta find a spiral wound 6K7 to see if that solves the problem.  This finger thing let me to disconnect the line filter caps I had installed, but that didn't help.

Here's another shot in the dark - Is there something connected to the Phono terminals and if not are they suppose to be jumped?

No effect.  I can only think that Scott's answer is the only answer - spiral wound filament!  I have some NOS 6K7's coming.  Hopefully one of them may have the proper filament.  One of the 6J5's I have has such a filament and it is an RCA.  Perhaps RCA did that with all of their tubes???

(a cathode to filament leak can cause hum and the 1st AF of the model 16 is a touchy tube location.


another 6K7. 

Meanwhile swap with other 6K7 on the chassis.

FYI, Scott supplied Sylvania tubes at that time.

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