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Someone ought to grab this before the seller makes good his threat to part it out (in 4 more days!). I've seen one pictured only once before. A pristine, 510-16A style, "export" model? Surely no others like it.

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This is an Export model and I am sure that the top of the cabinet has been refinished with high gloss goop.  I'm watching and contemplating.  There is a pretty good chance that the seller has set the reserve price much higher than the value of this receiver.  If it gets to the point of being parted out, already having a full set of components, I may pursue the cabinet.  The problem from my end is $400+/- shipping for the cabinet.


Dear Norman:

  I am glad for your interest, since I am presently out of space! I recommend without reserve as the way to ship this entire unit, blanket wrapped. No pallets, no Greyhound, no UPS. I have done five over as many years averaging 1800 miles or so. Economical and it works.

Tim Murphy 

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