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Thanks to David C. Poland and Y2K Bruce for responding to my inquiry about my radio.  I am trying to learn about my Scott (how it works and possible restoration). I am reading How to Repair Old-time Radio(Clayton Hallmark) and am getting Practical Radio Servicing(Marcus/Levy). Both Library books.  Any reading suggestions?


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Yes,        "Fixing Up Nice Old Radios"  by Romney.    Antique Radio Classified carries it.   The author used to teach this material. Practical and a decent read as well.   Some basic theory then case study type approach, including a couple on some Zenith and  Scott examples, among others. Spiral bound  -  180 pages  -  8 1/2  x 11.  I found it the  most informative and helpful for me of several such books I acquired over the years. Good one to own.

"Elements of Radio",  by Marcus and Horton is a good one for in depth technical information and explanations. 1930's era.  Found mine in an antique mall, but the Marcus books show up at radio meets too. Also worth owning.

And the Scott info site as per Kents revised site  address the other day. Do brouse the Scott News for your model for issues that go into some depth on the features.  And for Scott diagrams and factory tech publications.


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