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Hello everybody:


My 800B has a Scott Articulated Coaxial Speaker, like this:














Is the crossover, with the 1uf capacitor, 15ohm and 10 ohm resistors placed inside the back part of the speaker?  If it is necessary replace them, Is it possible to open that part of the speaker? Is it difficult  to do it?


Thank you an kind regards,



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I cannot recall if the tweeter cross-over capacitor is in the bell cover (I suspect that it is) but the cover can be easily removed without damaging the speaker by removing the two screws on the ID tag at the back of the cover.  This speaker was optional, not often found in the 800B, and is a desirable feature.  If this speaker only has two wires going to it, it is the permanent magnet version and will not have the B+ resistors (different than published schematics).


Hello Norman:

Yes, you got the reason. Without those screws the bell cover was easily removed and there is one capacitor (2uF) and one 750ohm resistor (it is permanent magnet version and I believe that resistor simulates the field coil).


It has two coils inside, one for LF (bass and medium) and other for HF (tweeter).


From the speaker come six cables: 4 cables connected to the big male plug and 2 two cables go to another independent small speaker (tweeter) besides of the big one. That is to say this radio comes with 3 speakers.


All the cables from the speaker look original.


I will do a drawing to show the configuration.


Thank you and kind regards,





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