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Hello everybody:

I have a problem with the speaker of my 800B.  The tweeter of my Scott Articulated Coaxial Loudspeaker made by Jensen is cut.

I will really appreciate some member can tell me what is the DC Resistance value and the Impedance of the coil of the tweeter.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

José Bustos

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I fixed the tweeter finally. I bought a new 1" coil dome and replaced the burned. The tweeter is working great now.

Kindest regards,


Hello Norman,

I could fix the tweeter replacing with a new 1" coil, 8ohm. Unfortunatelly , I have a new problem.

I have the optional Jensen series HNP dual coaxial speaker with internal horn tweeter placed on the backside of the big speaker. The tweeter does not have cone, just the coil mounted on a flat circle cardboard (dome tweeter?).

The level of the trebles is low and is covered with the sound of the big speaker.  Using an alternative tweeter with cone like the used on the JNP series (with a coaxial mounted cone tweeter), I can ear the trebles clearly and high. I could use this kind of tweeter instead, but I must take the decision, because it will not be like the original design. Do you ear differences on the tweeter level comparing the Jensen series HNP and the JNP series. Any comments or hints will be very welcome.

Thank you and regards.


Norman S Braithwaite said:

6-ohms DC. The nominal voice coil impedance would be 8-ohms.


The HNP speaker should sound similar to the JNP with extended high frequency range (able to produce slightly higher frequencies than JNP).  The efficiency of the tweeters should be about the same.  If not, there is likely a problem with the tweeter or crossover capacitor.  We call the type of tweeter on the HNP a compression driver.



I tested with 1uf and 2uf new capacitors. If the level of trebles would be the same between my compression driver and a cone tweeter, the coil reparation was not good. I will check again.

Thank you and regards,



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