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When I got this radio, the slug was all the way to the bottom, and was loose.  It's as if the threads in the form have been stripped or something.  Needless to say the FM band is dead, but there could be another reason for that, I suspect this would have a lot to do with it however.  Does anyone have one of these or know where I might find one?  I just need the coil w/slug, but will take one even in the can.  It is part# 20V4624.



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A suggestion:

If the coil is good, try using a thin rubber band or layer of wax on the slug or as a shim to lock the slug into the former. This will allow you to do the alignment and then a small drop of wax will hold the slug in place. Easier than trying to find another one. 

This trick has worked for me in the past. 


Thanks Thom.  After I posted this, I discovered there are NO threads on the slugs or inside the coil form!  This has to be a replacement transformer someone put in there.  I did try using wax and setting them crudely in place where I thought they would at least have some effect, but with no threads, there is absolutely no way to adjust either of them up or down for actual alignment.  I've pretty much decided I need to get another 10.7 meg coil compatible with the original before I go any further.  I am assuming the two parallel caps (a 10 and 70 pf) shown on the schematic are built into the base as they are not external.  This replacement may not even have the caps.  Even after setting the slugs as I did, there was still nothing heard on FM.  Dead as can be,  Thanks for the ideas.  


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