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I'm looking for any info regarding a Scott model 1522-c am-fm radio/phono console.  The year is unknown, but appears to be early 50's.  The cabinet is excellent and easily restored, and all parts appear present.  I can get it for $20, but don't know if its worthy of the cost or time to restore.  I would appreciate any comments.


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I agree.  But as you know, $20 is only the beginning in a total restoration.  But more to my question, do you know anything about this model's collectability or manufacture date, etc?
Could that be a H H Scott if so its a diffrent company..$20 , is ok for a console if you have the room for it.. Angelo : )
Thanks for the HHScott info, but the model I am considering is older and doesn't look anything like those in the link. This ebay link looks like the tuner in the console I am considering:
This ebay link actually looks more like it because the center dial in the one I'm considering, is gold colored.:

Looking at the photos reference stated and having a gold color control panel and "slide rule" dial, would be one of several early 1950's Scott Lab (formerly E H Scott Labs) models with AM and FM. Single chassis models include the 10 tube Model 310 using 6V6's.


Models with receiver and separate amp/power supply include:  Model 510 with 14 tubes using 6L6's,  Model 515 with 12 tubes and 6L6's but short wave instead of FM,  Model 1000 with 16 tubes using 6L6's and a magic eye,  Model 1510 with 12 tubes (much like the 515), Model 2000 with 14 tubes Both the 1000 and 2000 had 6 controls plus larger dial knob, the other models had 4 controls plus larger dial knob.



Thanks to everyone for the  information.  I will take pics and post them, as well as whatever additional model information may be available, as I continue to try and identify this flea market find.  I do know it has a separate amp.  J.M's links were particularly interesting because I am originally from Annapolis, Md. and worked at Ravenswood for a short period of time while I was student at Anne Arundel Community College in the early 60's.  As is said, it's a small world.

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