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Hello dear fans of SCOTT radio.
Prompt please, the case which is shown in the photo, is original or it is the imagination of small-scale production?
Whether such cases officially were issued?
Thank you in advance for the help.
Yours faithfully Vitaliy.

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That cabinet is not a Scott issued cabinet but, instead, a custom made cabinet. I don't know the age of the cabinet but I believe it was made sometime within the past 20 years or so.

Wow, Philharmonic with Napier Consolette front panel and Laureate Grande grill :)

Can it be just photoshop?


Thanks for the help of Michael.
Thanks Leonid, I after all finished McMurdo! I apply a photo.
Now there is a project on SCOTT set.
Very much I want to make such case, but I doubt its originality!
Here a resource from which the photo is taken:

Probably someone else will express the opinion?
Thanks in advance.

This particular radio was purchased by the late Art Corbus from the estate of the owner of a custom cabinet shop in Tacoma, Washington.  It is my understanding that the original owner purchased the chassis set from EH Scott Radio Laboratories and built the cabinet himself at the time the radio chassis arrived.  The entire cabinet is made of solid hardwood and, although not obvious in the photo, the bottom of the cabinet extends out several inches past the top of the cabinet somewhat like a cattle pusher of the old steam locomotives.  At last account this radio was displayed in the Bellingham Radio Museum in Bellingham, Washington.


And in what years this case, at least approximately was made?
I so understand that such case exists in single execution?
I am very grateful to all for the help!

Most likely 1938 or possibly late 1937.  This radio falls in the category of Scott chassis in (on) original non-Scott custom cabinet.


Norman thanks.
I mean quietly I can take this case as a sample for copy production?

For me a huge problem, it is almost impossible to deliver to Ukraine the original SCOTT case, or any other the big sizes more precisely! These are a fantastic sum - therefore it is necessary to make copies!
I have Scott Philharmonic receiver chassis, it was necessary to find the amplifier and it is possible to start case production!

OK, this makes this particular radio extremely rare. I was wrong loughing.


Norman S Braithwaite said:

Most likely 1938 or possibly late 1937.  This radio falls in the category of Scott chassis in (on) original non-Scott custom cabinet.


Hello dear enthusiasts of radio SCOTT.
I look for to the SCOTT Philharmonic receiver, the power unit the amplifier.
Probably someone from you could offer such block on sale?
Thank you in advance, yours faithfully Vitaliy.

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