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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if the dial pointer used on the Super XII is the same length as the one used on the Sixteen?

There are lots of parts up for auction on eBay, and I am looking for a Sixteen pointer...

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Be careful with the description of the eBay listings - the seller (gadget-guy) is guessing and has misidentified numerous offerings.

The model 16 pointer is a thicker brass color, like the brass dial is.

The Super 12 pointers are white and vary over time. As for the Super 12, depends on the dial version. Initially, the Super 12 black dial was a scaled down version of the Philly pointer style dial, including a small inner vernier pointer. Later, the Stradavarus dial uses just the simple double ended pointer for the black dial.

Study the dials in the set folder in the Enthuiasts website.

Thanks David,

Yes, some of his offerings are not identified correctly. I'll keep looking for the correct pointer.

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