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AW12 Napier with custom cover

Alwave 12 early,serial number C136,the opinion of Mr.Kent King is the chassis are from Spring-Summer of 1933.
I am told by the seller,the original buyer made a long trip in U.S and when it return to Spain it take with him,so I suspect it bought visiting the 1933 "Century of Progress" International Exposition Chicago World's Fair.
The original owner made this special cover years later in order to keep "protected" the chassis from the touch of undesired hands.This cover are only nickeled when I find.It was necessary to made a complet cleaning before to chrome correctly.
The glasses are tempered glass,including the face glass.
Enjoy ;-)

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Comment by howard m. mills on October 9, 2010 at 7:39pm
Hello Carlos,

I saw that you have some interest in the Scott FM converter. I plan to replicate the converter. Rather than dedicate it to one receiver I plan to make a stand alone unit with its own power supply. That way I can use it with several receivers that have the old FM band. When finished I will share my work with the group.

I saw your photo album and was very impressed with your AW 12 and Napier cabinet. I have an AW 12 along with other tuner units. I only have a few Scotts with cabinets. I like the Napier and would like to see if any local craftsman could build one for me so I could display my AW12. Would you give me the basic dimensions of the Napier cabinet. I assume that only the power supply/audio amplifier and speaker are housed inside the cabinet. Does it have a hinged lid? What is the grill cloth pattern--the Aztek or the musical note.

I am somewhat new to the Scott collecting. My retirement business is the restoration of tube type ham radio equipment. My business is W3HM Radio Labs (you can Google me). I mailnly restore Collins radio equipment. I live 100Km NW of Washington, D.C. in the eastern part of the state of West Virginia.

Thanks in advance,

Howard Mills
Comment by Carlos Insa on October 17, 2010 at 2:16pm
Hi Howard,
I see your comment.
I made pics and measurements in cms for another fellow,Mike Stosich,several years ago.
I search in my CD´S archives and I send to your mail when I find.What is your email?
Yes,the grillecloth to replace the original in very bad state and missing tears are the Aztec.


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