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Comment by David C. Poland on November 26, 2019 at 9:45pm

So, now that you have them, what is next?

FYI - Scotts were custom built with leading edge technology of the time. "If you want the finest radio, buy a Scott". You ordered the radio from Scott Radio Labs, then is was built and shipped in 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how busy Scott's craftsmen were. If you also ordered one of the Scott's exclusive furniture quality cabinets, it was built and then shipped directly from the furniture factory (usually Rockford Peerless Furniture Co) and hopefully arrived about the same time as the radio arrived. The buyer installed the radio in the cabinet, or a Scott rep would for an extra charge. Owner Manuals were 10 to 20 page booklets, which you can download and print from the Archive Info section above - then choose Set Folders and open Allwave Deluxe and AW-23 for your two models for owners manuals, technical info and other materials. 

Scotts were shipped internationally, too. Scott radios were rugged designs and the chrome plate was one of the safeguards for hostile environments.

Finally - do not power up either radio unless you KNOW it has had recent service. At the least, some parts are way past design life: in particular, capacitors and filter caps need replacement and perhaps other repairs, otherwise serious damage may occur.

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