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Question for anyone with AW15 restoration experience.

Have a nice 15 (late) and had the radio working and tuning the broadcast band until the band switch started to loosen.

The set screw on the collar just before the shaft enters the gear box became loose. (Don’t touch anything if this happens to you!)

Needless to say, exact position for the turret, the antenna contact points eccentric cam in the can above the chassis as well as the disk with multiple contact points where the tuning shaft enters the chassis is in question.

From the documentation, I think the turret position can be located (empty coil on the right, and silk covered on the left). Problem is that the eccentric cam in the can on top doesn’t line up correctly with both points closed when I line up the turret. The exact position of the cam for both contacts to be closed seems to be a pretty specific location. Since the shaft for the turret is slotted, there is no obvious adjustment there.

I suppose I could un-tighten the nut holding the cam lon top of the chassis and relocate it, but I would then be assuming it had been moved out of position from factory.

The correct position of the wafer disk on the front of the chassis where multiple contacts are located needs to be positioned as well. There is a hexagonal hole where the shaft fits, so I guess there are only 6 possible positions to try when the broadcast position, turret, and antenna contacts are in place.

Maybe someone can give me a head start?


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Comment by Norman S Braithwaite on February 11, 2020 at 10:59am


Welcome.  The switch cam above the chassis and the coil wheel share a common shaft.  The only way they can be out of correspondence is if one or the other is installed 180-degrees from correct or if the fiber wafer is upside down.  If you set was working before, the correspondence between the switch cam above the chassis and the coil wheel should be correct.  With the bushing loose, the correspondence between the coil wheel and antenna switch primary (just behind front apron of chassis) can be disturbed.  Going from recollection the BCB position of the antenna switch primary is located to the lower right when looking at the chassis upside down from the back.


Comment by David C. Poland on February 11, 2020 at 10:53pm

I had to deal with this problem many years ago. The right angle gears inside the cast metal box were totally disengaged when I acquired it. It was trial and error to get the gears properly meshed again so the band switch pointer knob pointed to the correct colored diamonds on the band switch escutcheon. Fortunately, I was aware of the issue with the antenna coil switch inside the antenna coil can above. Always position the band switch on the Broadcast band before dismounting the coil wheel and the associated shafts.

I your gear was disengaged, you may need to fuss a bit to to get the pointer knob to point to the proper colored diamond on the escutcheon. The flat shaft fixes the position of the pointer knob on the shaft.  I may be helpful to refer to information for the 12 tube Allwave Deluxe model that preceded the model Fifteen with regard to the coil wheel assembly.

Comment by steve parr on February 16, 2020 at 6:00pm

That did the trick. Thanks for the help all!


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