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Got around to finish wiring the ant tuner on my Allwave 12 Deluxe .Was easy to do ,after I was done I connected a short wire to it.Wow was amazing how many stations came in so loud and clear on all bands,SW  was coming great in 15 feet of wire!The radio was not all that good till I got the Ant tuner fixed and hooked up it sure makes a big difference!Turned on my Philharmonic and let it play a while while I adjusted the Expander while it played..The Expander sure did help boost the sound and volume on it a lot.I was using a 15 foot ant.I played around with all the settings on it and with Expander off I had to turn up RF and close the bandwith,to get a good signal.Next I turned on my Phantom Deluxe and let it play awhile..Could smell the dust on the tubes burn off while it played.All three radios played very well for being not being used but once a year.Will be playing them more often and at night...Angelo : )

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