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This radio was my late grandfathers and was on a submarine he claimed. Not sure if it works and don't want to plug it in due to possible current sensitivity of radio. It's appears to be in great shape and knowing him, it probably works. I'm curious about the value of this unit, thanks! 

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Comment by Kent King on July 20, 2015 at 12:16pm

Chip - It is quite possible that the RBO-3 was once on a sub. There are ways to tell if it was actually deployed for use. Many of these sets were ordered but never used, and later sold as surplus. As a result, there are really quite a few Scott military and merchant marine sets available today. Because they are not hard to find and due to the fact that they are very large and heavy, they are not popular with collectors. In spite of that, a restored unit is a great playing set.

As far as value on a WWII set...not a lot, $100 is typically a top, if the set is very nice. Many go for $50 or less. Sorry for that news. If you can find someone to help you fix it up, it probably has more value as a family item/sentimental value than anything else.

The "Scott Info Archive" only has manuals for the RBO and RBO-2. I'll try to get an RBO-3 manual scanned if I have one.

good luck!

Comment by Chip Farnsworth on July 22, 2015 at 12:53pm

Hey Kent, thanks for the info, this one was on a sub according to Pops, in in great shape and was referred to as 'the anchor' due to the weight.


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