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Remove chassis, dial & front panel from grand Chippendale cabinet

To all:

I want to save the key radio components from a rather distressed Chippendale-Grand cabinet.

There just seems to be one bracket and a couple of wood screws affixing the top tuner chassis to the back of the cabinet. If I want to remove that chassis, what do I have to do to remove it? Will the front panel with the dial come out with the chassis? I don't see any attaching hardware at the front of the cabinet.

Of course, I will remove the control knobs with their escutcheons first.

The bottom chassis and speaker look straightforward, unless someone tells me otherwise.

I'd appreciate advice and comments. Thanks.

- Harris

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Comment by Harris Honickman on July 6, 2015 at 4:43pm


I just returned from removing the 2 chassis as well as the escutcheons. I returned home to get a crowbar so I can remove the three strips of wood that the upper chassis was sitting on. They are blocking me from removing that front panel that has the circular glass with its metal decorative ring.

Thanks for letting me know that the grill is worth salvaging. In fact it is in great shape, and is - to my eye - particularly attractive. I have to believe that is made with some kind of metal thread - and has a held up great for its age.

Now that I've had a chance to look at the cabinet carefully, I feel bad that I'm scrapping it. It is made with what appears to be solid hardwood; no plywood or substitutes that I can see. I'm running into a deadline to clear out my wife's father's house, and just don't have time to do anything more with it.

I have some additional questions about the chassis, but I'll post them later.

Thanks for your help, expertise and the great work that you do.

- Harris


Comment by Kent King on July 6, 2015 at 12:45pm

Harris -

Unplug all the cables between the tuner, amp and speaker. Remove the items holding these chassis and remove each piece carefully. The panel with the escutcheons will remain in the cabinet. It is held on with a few wood screws that will be visible once the tuner chassis is removed. I strongly recommend pulling that entire panel out, even if you scrap the rest of the cabinet. If the grille cloth in front of the speaker is salvageable, remove that panel as well (same thing, you'll see wood screws after you remove the speaker(s).

Be careful not to damage the speaker cone...once it is out, cover it with a piece of thin plywood or heavy cardboard. Look the cabinet over for any other escutcheons, devices and oddities that should be kept. That should be the most important stuff...if you run into something else, take a picture and post it here. Thanks and good luck!

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