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I only have one EH Scott radio that was put together from several Phantom Deluxe radios I acquired.  That said, these radios came with some other parts that I have sold or are selling.  One of the things that came with these radios is a set of knobs.  I have no clue if these are EH Scott knobs, if it is a complete set, what model they were for, etc.  Can someone confirm if these are, or are not Scott knobs?  Thanks much!

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Comment by Forrest Wagner on December 3, 2020 at 4:23pm
Thanks Kent. All of the Scott pieces I got came from the estate of a big Scott collector here in the Chicago area. These were on one of the Phantoms I got....but I know these aren't original Scott Phantom knobs. He had at least a dozen finished Scotts of all types in his home and a ton of Scott pieces and parts. He used to work for Scott back in the day so perhaps they are some of those plastic knobs you spoke of, but I guess we will never know. Two of the knobs are slightly larger than the other five but I guess the tuning knob is not here. I just didn't want to be throwing something away that was useful to someone. Thanks again.
Comment by Kent King on December 3, 2020 at 9:08am

I have not seen a Scott set with this style of knob, but in the '38-'41 period, Scott did use some plastic knobs and I've learned to never say never :-)

The missing knobs in this group would be the tuning knob, which is usually larger and often a "two-step" arrangement. So I vote not original Scott knobs, but still a nice matching set that could be used on a set.


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