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Our local PBS outlet ran a show last night named, The Bomb, about development of atomic weaponry. At a point, approximately between 68 and 72 minutes, there is a sequence of radio receivers pictured onscreen.

One of  those  appears to be either a 16A or 800B. Anyone else here that can positively identify what model Scott it is?

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Comment by Kent King on July 29, 2015 at 10:45am

Good eye....I went on the PBS site and reviewed the segment. That is either a model 310 or 510, circa it wasn't a radio available in 1945. That's not too uncommon, they use a lot of stock footage to create these documentaries. In the series "The Roosevelt's", there is an 800B shown at Warm Springs. I don't know if it is there today, but if so, FDR never touched it. The 800B was built after he had passed.

Anyone else have a Scott radio sighting on TV lately?


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