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I recently went on-line to see if there is a photo showing what the Scott Radio Laboratories building at 4450 Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago looks like today.  No image was posted although but it was described as having been built in 1895 and that it has annual property taxes of $61,233.  Does someone have a recent photo or photos of it that could be posted here?  What is it currently being used for?

Has anyone ever determined the address of E. H. Scott’s Chicago home?  (It might appear in his old correspondence or in a Chicago city directory.)  A photo of the roof, showing his two antennas appears in The Scott News Vol. 11 No. 6.  Again, if someone has already located and photographed it, could the images be posted here?

My favorite issue of The Scott News is the one from November 1936, which has Paul W. Dilg’s logs from a week’s worth of monitoring with his AW-23.  In his cover letter to EHS, he gives his address as 2715 Harrison Street in Evanston, Illinois.   I checked this address on-line and there is a photo of Dilg’s house:

I am fascinated with historical buildings from the past that still survive today.

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Comment by Kent King on November 24, 2017 at 9:59pm

Eric -

I've been to 4450 Ravenswood several times. It is a multi-tenant office building last I knew. It looks much like it did, but a lot of the deco trim is gone. I have some print pictures I took some years ago but I'll have to find and scan them to share. The house was a subject of my last trip up there...I went to that area and drive around. The streets there have been altered from the 1930s and the house he lived in is gone and replaced by a much newer design. I have a couple images of his home from other period publications. I haven't tried to locate any of the sales salons in other cities.


Comment by Eric Beheim on November 24, 2017 at 7:55pm

I just got in my copy of the E. H. Scott Radio Collector's Guide 2nd Edition and, in the Preface, Jim Clark mentions that he found E. H. Scott's house in Lake Forest, Ill. and that it has since been torn down.

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