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My grill cloth is so worn that determining the pattern is difficult. Does anybody know if it was a pattern offered by GCH?(Phantom, early)


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Comment by David C. Poland on August 25, 2019 at 9:00pm

Scott used what I call "M" cloth from about 1935 to 1940 for most cabinets.  For a good photo of the "M" cloth, see the Scott Enthusiasts Infor Archive  (above). Open the cabinet folder and click on the 2nd cabinet Accousticraft-Open to enlarge the image. It is an overall subdued gold color cloth made up of gold, olive and cranberry threads. The photo lighting is too bright, but shows the pattern well. Look at some other console cabinets, too.

Been no really close repo of the "M" cloth out there for some years.  But  Richmond Designs "Aztec" pattern version is described as a repo of this Scott cloth - duplicates the pattern at about 70% scale using brown and gold thread weave. (yes I have a piece.)  Scott's original and the best of the no longer available John Okolowicz repos were a heavier thread 3 color weave. The fine threads of Kenny Richmond's version is a bit easy to snag and the effect is overall darker than the original.



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