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I am restoring a Philly for a member in our local radio club. He got the set with no speaker,

so we are hoping to get a useable correct Jensen pedestal to complete the job.



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Be patient. Good luck.

The 15 inch Magnavox pedestal speaker is standard from 1937 to about 1941. By 1941, some were flange mount. The voice coil is 38 ohms for the standard speaker.  Has a single 925 field coil with a tap at 525 ohms. The 7 pin speaker plug is hard to come by - and a 7 in tube base is no substitute  because it will not fit the amp speaker socket. The output transformer is mounted in the pedestal. An optional  PM tweeter pair was offered. Best to hold out for the correct speaker with proper cable and plug. 

In 1941, an optional 4 unit high fidelity system using all 8 ohm speakers and a crossover was introduced.

I think the owner will pay whatever it takes ( within reason ) to get this speaker with or without the tweeters.

So if anyone wants to part with one.....


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