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1933 Scott 5-Year Guarantee and order shipping letter

Here's another interesting Scott paper item. It's a December 7, 1933 letter sent to a new Scott customer with the 5-year Scott guarantee certificate on parts and labor on this customer's Allwave Deluxe radio. Also, the letter confirms the customers order has gone forward to be shipped.

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Interesting information. Wouldn't it be something to find the original receiver and the decendents of the original owner?

Sometimes, these things come with a set. I have an AW23 in a Wellington cabinet with all of its paperwork from the original purchase. I bought it many years ago at the estate sale of the original purchaser, so I am the 2nd owner of the set. Finds like these are great pieces of history.


Here's the Google street view of the house in San Francisco where my Phantom Deluxe FM in a Louis XV console was sold. The order is dated 8/24/40.


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