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I just acquired an Allwave 12 Deluxe in a nice Wellington cabinet.

I just notice two countersunk holes on the back of the cabinet. Could this cabinet been fitted for an allwave 12 two dial with coil rack? Any help would be much appreciated.


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John - That is certainly possible. 

The April 1932 Scott News Vol 5 #7 page 5 pictures the 2-DIAL model in the WELLINGTON radio/phono Gothic console. The Wellington was a new Scott cabinet (not listed in my 1/1/1932 price list for the 2-DIAL model).

My ORLEANS highboy 2-Dial has 2 holes like yours drilled below the top hinges, to hold the shortwave coil rack.

Equally likely, the cabinet was cut for the 2-DIAL but assembled and finished for the newer single dial Deluxe, with the proper control panel. 

I have a Roslyn AW-23 7 knob and a Napier AW-15 that were both obviously cut for the prior model. Likely cabinets were cut in batches by Rockford Peerless Furniture Co ready to assemble upon receipt of a cabinet order, which explains small modifications (plugged holes or unused holes) to accommodate the next model Scott.

FYI - The shelf hole to the right rear is located to direct the set cable to the proper corner location of the PS below, same as for my Wellington with AW-15.


Thank you for the wealth of Scott knowledge as always. The PS cable has made its way to the proper location hole.

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