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I have started replacing all the bypass caps in the tuner chassis. According to the schematic I have, most of the caps are .1 uf with three .05 uf. I am finding that most of the caps in this chassis are .05uf.

This is a 5 knob chassis. Should I go ahead and replace all the .05's with .1s as per the schematic, or stay with what I find in the chassis. It does look like it has the air trimmers for the IF stages, but I haven't gone that far into it yet.



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There is no reason of which I am aware that the later 0.1-mfd capacitors would be any better than the earlier 0.05-mfd capacitors.  As long as the capacitors going into the IF cans fit within the holes provided, use what you prefer.




I had ordered all the caps according to the schematics I have. So, I will replace all with the .1uf per the schematics.

The new caps are about 1/2 to 1/3rd the size of the originals, so will fit anywhere.


The chassis photos show the parts listed by part #. While the schematic shows all as .1 uf, the call-outs in the photo show that some are .05 uf. I have ordered a supply of the .05s (.047).

All this would really change is the lowest bypass frequency for the circuit in question. Not sure if this would really make any difference in the operation of the radio. Since old paper wax caps drift in value over time, any replacement would be an improvement.


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