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I have a chance to buy this basket case AW15 in a (edited)Westerly cabinet. Seller has all the pieces. For some unknown reason he decided to partially disassemble the cabinet. Chrome is fair. Is this one of the more desirable cabinets? The cabinet is in fair shape and will need some structural reglueing. BTW, chassis serial # is W133.

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Not a Waverly.  

It is a Westerly, stained dark. Normally a blond cabinet with remarkable veneers.


And appears the escutcheons are silver plated.

Typo on my part, I'll correct it. Yes, the escutcheons look plated, not painted.

Absolutely one of the better cabinets and protected by a design patent.  It is interesting that it does not have the striking Japanese lacewood veneer.  Has the cabinet been refinished?  Some were painted.


The finish appeared to be original. 

I see no BFO button hole below the band switch.

Could it be an AW-12?  (3 tube power supply and 9 tube receiver for an ALLWAVE DELUXE)

Your serial number for the W prefix falls in the range for an AW-12 model.

It also has the deep tuning dial escutcheon and translucent (rather than clear) tuning scale hence, yes, it is an Allwave Deluxe (AKA AW-12).


Has original doors and pulls? Pics please

Sorry I didn't notice the AW12 details. The owner told me it was as an AW15 so I didn't look that carefully. All the cabinet and grill pieces are stuffed in the back of the cabinet. The radio is located about 450 miles from me.

That could be an amazing set! But, it will be a labor of love as well...

Well worth the 450 miles, each way, for that cabinet. Hope the chrome plated chassis are decent. 

Unlike the speaker for an AW-15, and based on my experiences, the AW-12 speaker probably has a good field coil and cone.

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