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 Hello Everyone,..

Here are a couple of photos, which I have emailed to Kent.

  Bruce helped me with design  Vert. and Horiz. repeat measurements and 

 I believe you will all be happy with what we have achieved.

       I have edited colors from ipad to  Picasa 3  on an HD monitor, so I believe I have the colors fairly close to actual, as well.

 The first photo is a close up, and it is darker,..however 

     The second photo caught more light and is very  close to actual.

  I am  sorry it took so long , but we are rolling now, . This is just the tip of the iceberg !

It takes time to grow.......

 Thank you all for your patience,

Kenneth Richmond II

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Fantastic! Thanks a bunch!


Just bought a piece


Thank you, Bill, and Mike, I appreciate your support.


Kemmy -

Don't know how flexible you are for obtaining yarn choices.

I can supply some threads from the first repo version by John Okolowitz which was historically accurate using 3 colors:  an olive-brown, a bright yellow-gold and a rose-pink.

  Hi Dave,..

 I appreciate your offer, I truly do, however, it makes my brain hurt to even think about changing anything.

  Going back seven years..this has been a tough road. I have literally spoken to several weavers here, and all over the world, and they are not eager to help those who don't spend 40K per order. 

   To have found this weaver, with his eagerness to help when he doesn't have to, is a great thing.  And we work together, he knows his business, he is smart and knows what I want, other than that, I don't argue about  the fine lines we have to work with. After passing my research along to him, several samples were sent back and forth for months, before I settled.   And,... to be able truthfully place the "Made in the USA" tag on our original line,. is very special.  As one of my main goals from the beginning,...I almost missed that patriotic achievement.

 As I said,  Bruce has been a great help with photos and information, as he has original cloth and the others manufactured through the years.  And let me make it very clear !,   If there are those who feel I didn't hit the mark in their opinion, there will be no fault on his part.  I am the one who applied it.

   From the two or three variations  I have seen, the  Aztec dimensions, colors, and weave thickness have deviated from the true original.     I may be wrong,...but I believe we are close to the cloth that was the 30s,..and we should be pleased with what  we do have.   I promise I have done my best.

 I will send you a piece of this, Dave,... my version of the "Aztec" in attempts to please all. : )

  After you give it a true  "in hand" opinion,... I really think you will like it.,...

If you want, email me a verification on where to send it.

    Thank you sincerely for your offer, Dave.


Kenny -  Thanks, but I have the chance to see what Kent gets.

I have enough of that prior repro run to do 3 sets.  I paid dearly for it.  I am tempted to purchase a piece of this new run to see how it compares.  Kenny's other work to date has been excellent.   It looks like it is selling fast also...

I just purchased four pieces, which should be enough to replace the poor, incorrect,  or non-existent cloth in three of my Scotts. :)

I think it looks fantastic! I can't wait to receive the order. 

Thank you, for all your comments, and compliments , as well.

I sincerely think you will all be very pleased,

   All orders already placed will go out tomorrow, for this free Priority shipping week, no matter the size of the order. So you will get them soon !

Thank you again for all your support.

Hope everyone has a great week. 


Well done Kenny!

I just got your Scott Aztec grill cloth today. You did fantastic job on this extremely difficult pattern to reproduce! I think the color is dead on. It has become almost impossible to find people that are willing to do this kind of time consuming setup work needed to produce these old patterns. I have a friend that had many of the major jukebox grill cloth pattern reporduce and he is now finding all his sorces starting to dry up. I really appreciate you stepping up and doing these radio grill cloth projects, you are a real asset to our hobby!




Hey everyone,

 I wanted to bring a point to light, I think it is important, of  course , as I want my cloth to look it's absolute best, especially these we have worked so hard on and waited so long to have.

Below are two photos of the New Aztec cloth,.. both are taken with my iPad, but most importantly, neither are edited,   just straight shots then uploaded directly to this site.

The difference is the first one is under a new LED light which is a lot like fluorescent. The second is under a good old 100 watt light bulb, like Edison invented.  I have tinkered with this over the years, and finally come to the conclusion, New Lighting and these new yarns used for weaving our cloth are like oil and water.

Try taking a photo of your favorite radio with both and see if you aren't partial to old lighting , as the true wood tones and cloth look absolutely rich in color.

It only takes a couple of clip on drops and two old type 100 watt bulbs, you can catch it from both sides and get your best photo. You can also go  as far as to use a 35mm camera,..even better.

My last two cents ! 

Kenneth   : {)~


The cloth arrived today, superb quality,

I can see where all of the development work went, the stitching is a perfect match.

Thanks again,


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