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I recently mentioned I ran into a local gentleman that I found that said he could duplicate EH Scott wood knobs.  I needed a couple of pinch knobs for a radio I am working on and he also duplicated the round knobs that I recently posted a picture of.  I had originals of both and he used those for his modeling.  Attached are a small run of pinch knobs that he produced.   There are eight knobs here.  One of them is the original.  Not sure how well the detail of the picture will show up as I used the lowest resolution to send the pics, but they look really good in person.  After making the blank knob, he cuts the detail on the face of the knob after a digitization process with a laser.  This gentleman has joined this group so I am sure he will reach out to you.

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Those look absolutely amazing. I would be very interested in supporting a production run to have some to sell and keep for my own use. I'd also love to get more of the round "S" knobs too. This level of quality is where I like to do my restoration work. What is typical cost for a knob made this way?



Forrest, count me in as well, for both the round and pinch versions.

I will have Ben (the guy who is making them) reach out on this site and give everyone the specifics. I think he has a website where he sells his Zenith “Z” knobs. Not sure if he is planning on putting them there, how much he is going to charge, etc. I can say, however, they look just like the originals.

Count me in for two punch knobs


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