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Hi Everyone!

I am hoping to start on my FM/AM Philharmonic build this winter, but I am missing some trim pieces. And I hate starting on a project without having all the pieces to complete it.

I am installing my chassis into a Chippendale cabinet, that I bought with no face panel/escutcheons. It originally held a Phantom chassis. I bought a rusty Phantom chassis that came with a heavily damaged face panel, which I salvaged escutcheons from.

I have some of the knob escutcheons, as well as most of the knobs.  What I am looking for is:

-escutcheons for the Scratch Suppressor, Noise Limiter and Wave Change. I also MAY need the Selectivity/Phono one...if it is different from the Phantom. Are they the same?

-I am looking for one round (wood) knob. I think I can fix the broken knob. I ordered two reproductions from Big River Hardware, but was disappointed to find out that they are the shorter tuning knob. 

Any help or ideas?

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I may be able to help, email me....

Email sent!

Kent King said:

I may be able to help, email me....

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