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Hi! My name is Félix, I'm 17 and have been collecting and restoring radios for 3 years. I have had the priviledge to get two E.H. Scott.

First is an AllWave XV in an early Tasman cabinet. Second is a Sixteen in an Acousticraft cabinet (unfortunately not with the original finish, but that will be corrected eventually). I rebuilt the power supply chassis of the Sixteen and it worked well on the bench. Will restore the tuner later this year.

My fleet also contains a few high-end american consoles, including a Stromberg-Carlson 935-M, a couple of 1938 Zeniths and a basket case Airline Lafrance (62-197), the 16 tube monster with the two chrome chassis and two speakers, which I'm restoring slowly but surely. I am also very fond of the pre-war canadian Marconi radios and have several. 

Anyway I just wanted to say hi as I just subscribed, and I hope to contribute in the future. :)

I'll leave you with a few pictures.

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Hi Felix,

Nice radios!


Welcome to the group, Felix. That's a great collection you have!
You will find the people here to be very knowledgeable and helpful.
Be sure to check out the extensive photo and info archive sections.

Welcome Felix!

If you need any help with your Scott sets, or even the others you have, please ask us here. I have an extensive collection of technical data and can scan schematics and other info for you if there is something you need.

Kent King

Thanks a lot guys!


Tell us more about LaFrance radio. It is for sure "rare avis in terris".

Is this one yours?

Thank you in advance!


Yes it is! 

I found it on an ads website, "for parts". It was in a barn, and had probably been there for several years.

Lots of rust on both chassis but especially the amp chassis. The joints on the cabinets are all weak and there is a lot of delamination and falling veneer.

I'm in the process of gluing the different sections of the cabinet back together, solid, and replacing the pieces that can't be re-used. I'm also planning on stripping the bottom chassis this summer if I have time and have it re-chromed. There is a lot of pitting and it won't ever look anything near perfect but I think it deserves that I try, and it would be a major improvement. The top chassis has rust spots but I'll treat them individually, I'm not taking this completely apart. 

I'm expecting open transformers and such trouble. Can't wait to test everything so I can know where I'm going. I guess I'll have what's bad rewound. 

Hi Felix and welcome

I have had three of the radios like your LaFrance. Wells Gardner made the "6F" under their own name with a different cabinet the "62-197" or Allwave 16 for Montgomery Ward with the same cabinet as yours. I believe that it was designed to compete with the Scott AW-15. It's a good design with much power. Let me know if you need help


Thanks a lot bill, I'll keep that in mind.

I've already looked at your website several times to give me some inspiration. :p

eh, wouldnt it be cool to have both the AW 15 and the LaFrance playing next to each other? :')


It would be cool. On my share site, I have a copy of the original manual for the M.W. version of your LaFrance. You might enjoy some light reading.


Thanks for making that available!

Hey, do you still have the LaFrance? I know there's "nothing interesting" to see on it while it plays, but really, if you ever have the occasion of shooting a video, I'd be thrilled.

Felix, I have only the WG 6F remaining with me and it is not restored. When I have the chance I will video. If you finish yours before I do, I'd like to see one too. ;)


Hehehehe! That's for sure!


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