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Over in the discussion on "Silver Ghosts", fellow member Doug Smith mentioned he has a copy of Just Friendly Chats. Given Doug's description, he has a very rare, hardbound version of JFC. I have the same volume, it is also falling apart. I was intrigued with the signed cover photo - it confirms what I thought - the signature on the picture is authentic, as it differs slightly from the one in my volume. 

More on Just Friendly Chats:

Most of the ones found are smaller, softbound booklets issued monthly (as Dave Poland noted he has). I've been collecting them for years, the earliest one I have is May 1931 (marked Scott Transformer Company" and the last edition I have is July 1934. 

As much as we'd like to think these are Scott's thoughts, the books are a product of an advertising company. I have 3 booklets for "Goodyear's" in Ann Arbor, MI. I also have one that has Scott Transformer printed on it - right below a "Your Company Name Printed Here" line! The hardbound books do seem to be exceptions, perhaps sent to the most loyal customers. 

JFC is mentioned a couple times in the May 1933 issue of Scott News (see the Archive). It is also noted by a customer in the orange "Performance in Every Part of the World" booklet (again, see Archive). 

If anyone has JFC booklets outside the dates listed above, please let me know. I am still seeking the June and July 1931 issues to complete my run. 


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