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I bet this one has been up before. Having recently acquired a laureate I became puzzled by the discrepancy between the aerial instructions in the owners manual and what seems to be happening on the aerial plate. The plate itself is exactly as described in the book: nine connecting terminals in all in three rows of three. Looking at the set from the back the three on the far right, top to bottom, are all ground connections. The remaining two on the top row are FM. So far so good. However, looking under chassis I see that the two remaining terminals on the middle row, clearly marked AM, have no connections to them and, in so far I can see, have never seen solder. That leaves the bottom two for an AM aerial. I am using the conventional long outside single wire. Best reception on medium wave ( your broadcast) is achieved by connecting the aerial wire to the outer of the two terminals , best on short wave by using the centre terminal. Does this accord with the experience of other Laureate owners?!

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I'll have to look at my chassis to see, its been while since I've worked on a Laureate. As an aside, and it may be relevant, there are two distinct variations of the Laureate chassis, with different tube lineups. I'm not sure if that is a factor in this discussion, again, I'll have to do some research.


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