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I just purchased an empty Chippendale cabinet that originally housed a Metropolitan 16a receiver and record changer.  It is only the cabinet, all components were removed years ago and the owner used the cabinet for china storage,

However, the original instruction booklet was in the case.  8 1/2" X 11" printed in black and white on a pale grey linen finish paper.  It is 6 pages.  I have scanned this as jpeg files and was wondering if it might be put into the archives in the 16a folder.

If so, what would be the procedure to get the files to the correct place for inclusion?  The files are way above 5 Meg, but I can certainly resize them to below 5 if necessary.

I have reduced the size of the front cover and inside front cover and have included them here.


Fran Mayer


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Fran - Thanks for doing this. I have the 16A manual and probably dozens of others I haven't had time to scan. I'm making everything into searchable PDF files. You can't search for words in a jpg, and they take up a lot more space. I have a full Adobe suite available to edit PDFs as well. It's just time to gather and scan things. Feel free to email me the jpgs - you may have to send them in 2 or 3 separate emails. use I'll see if I can create a PDF from the image files. I think I can do that.


Hi Kent,

I rescanned the instructions as a searchable pdf and have emailed them to you (2 parts).

I hope that they are of use,


Perfect! I merged them into a single, searchable PDF and added it to the 16A folder. Thank you!


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