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Were Philly's modified in later production runs without updating the schematic?

I found the IF AGC tube's cathode grounded rather than connected to ground through a 600 ohm resistor with a bypass cap as shown on the Rider's schematic.

Was this a factory change or the result of some one before me making changes?



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I powered it up today using my modified organ 15 inch pedestal speaker and it plays on AM nicely. 

My B+ voltages are a bit low per the spec(using line voltage) but I think they are just fine as is:

250V is 240V

375V is 362V

410V is 381V

430V is 390V

I have some loose ends to address before I get ready for the alignment:

1.  My dial lights are messed up.  One dims when I turn the band switch so I suspect dirty connections on the switch.  (or maybe I have a short?)

2.  Didn't get any SW reception, but I am not sure which band is which (I have the dial plate off the set right now as I am going to replace it.  The BS escutcheon is labeled A, B, C, D, E P.  Do these letters correspond to UHF, LW, Police, AM, SW1, SW2?  I think I am getting AM on Position D if I remember correctly.

3.  BTW, I am missing the cover for one of the edge lamps.  Anyone know where I can find one?  (This is the lamp that dims on one of the BS positions.)

Will keep you posted on progress.


She is playing on all bands. Couple of questions:
1. What is the best way to test the volume range expander? I get some eye tube movement but not sure I can tell any difference in the audio.
2. Should the sensitivity control smoothly increase gain throughout its range? Mine has a high gain spot just as I turn it off it's stop in the CW direction.
Once I get these features tested, I will be moving on to the alignment. Should I expect a significant improvement after the alignment given its had a complete recap?
Thanks, Joe

Bill L was restoring a 30 tube Philly for me and it arrived today and I have it all hooked up and playing for the past 5 hours. It sounds wonderful playing OTR Sherlock Holmes shows. I have a Tauscher sound board covering the speaker to tone it down a bit.

The set sounds wonderful and all the 9 controls work as if original. Bill's workmanship was 1st rate too under the hood. This was the set sold by Habitat for Humanity in Aspen Co. Norman B advised them on a value and I purchased the set as soon as I heard about it. It was installed in a 1933 Capehart 300 cabinet and was filthy with 40 years of dust and dirt. The speaker was set up for a 2nd remote speaker with a variable volume control which I removed today and reset the speaker to original 38 ohm settings. Once cleaned up the chrome is stunning and the original speaker is A-OK too and sounds great


After Photo

Glad you're happy with it Bruce. I'd like a full report once you run it through it's paces.


Looks super.  I'm sure Bill did a great job for you.  He's been helping me with mine.  Should have mine done tomorrow or Monday.  So far it sounds good.

BTW what do the extra 2 knobs do?  (Mine only has 7 knobs.)


The one on the upper right is a switch to turn the scratch suppressor on/off.  Really just a relocation of the pull out switch that is under the tuning knob on the 7 knob version.  The control on the upper left is what Scott called the Fidelity control- really just a treble control. 

Bruce - Really nice nice looking late AM Philharmonic. If I ever get a 2nd, Philly, that is the one of interest - 9 knob, red band and the logging vernier at the top of the dial. NICE.
You are to first I know of to comment on actual use of the Tauscher Sound Board. I gather it was playing but not in a cabinet.
Anyone have one a Tauscher installed on a restored Scott in a cabinet? I would expect it to muffle the midrange somewhat.

My work bench test drive station is the coffee table in my living room. The Philly was so powerful the speaker was too loud for my tastes so I put on the Tauscher board to tone it down  a bit and I may be in the minority but it sounded fine to my ears on OTR shows.

I thought it reduced the higher treble tones some and sounded more realistic plus it prevented me accidentally poking any holes in the cone. Usually I have it hung on the wall as a display piece. This one has 3 separate wood rings in it on the back that fit into the speaker cone.

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