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I found this Allwave 23 at a local auction, it seemed to be mostly there so I bid on it. It was missing the knobs, someone told me to contact Kent King for a reproduction bandswitch knob. 

Kent was able to provide a very good reproduction bandswitch knob and several other hard to find items, including a tuning knob lock. As I corresponded with Kent he provided guidance for how to approach the restoration, and instructions for restoring the volume expander. I recapped the entire radio, replaced rubber wires, removed the tuning cap and cleaned the chassis. 

After aligning it, the set works really well and far exceeded my expectations. The cabinet was a bit sad looking but cleaned up nicely. I would like to thank Kent for his help, and the many other members who have made contributions here and maintain the site. The amount of information available here is amazing, and really helped with this project. The answer for almost anything I could think of is available on the site somewhere. This is a really nice package, having the volume expander, high frequency speakers and 2 speed dial. It sounds great! I am retired now and owning a Scott was an item on my bucket list.

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Great find.

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