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Just wanted to take a minute to say hi.  Even though I don't have a Scott, it was recommended that I join here since several members also have McMurdo Silvers and/or knowledge of these radios.  I've been the caretaker of my great uncle's 15-17 for over 20 years now, he purchased it new in 1937.  I've been working on recapping the radio and it is currently functioning again, but I do have a few questions.  I'll start a new thread for those as things move forward. I will ask now though, does anyone have any documentation for this radio? I'd be happy with pretty much anything in a digital format (owners manual, better schematic than what I have, etc). Thanks in advance!

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Andy - I am not the great keeper of all things M-S but I have a few files. I have attached a couple things you asked about and a period magazine article. 

Some of the folks here have MS sets too, and may be able to help more than I can.



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