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Hello, My name is Fred and I have an E.H Scott Phantom Deluxe Radio in a nice cabinet with a pull-out turntable. The turntable that is in the set now is a Webster multi-speed and I've been told it is a replacement. The set was destined to be turned into a bar when I rescued it. I have had the radio refurbished by an experienced tech, but the turntable side is still not working. The cabinet on this set is only missing some of the trim pieces of veneer, but is otherwise in great shape. The two big doors on the lower part of the cabinet swing open to reveal a nice speaker grill with fabric behind it. The guy I got the set from picked in up in Pittsburgh and swears it once belonged to a member of the Swift Meat Company family.

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That's a nice radio Fred. You could send your turntable to West Tech and they would return it good as new. Very reputable and nice people. Here's West Tech's website:

You have the AM/FM Scott Phantom for 1940-41. 

Would have come with a 78 RPM changer. 33 and 45 RPM  records were developed 1949 so 3 speed players came in starting 1949-50. A 3 speed changer would likely handle records more gently than the original changer.


You radio does not have the tone compensation curves appropriate for 45 and 33 records. A 1950's era mono preamp would be a nice addition between the reccord player and the phono input. Then you could also look for an FM tuner as well, to hook up to the preamp, in as much as your Phantom has only the old now obsolete pre WW2  FM. The Phantom should sound good with a modern hi fidelity sound source. 

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