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New to Scott Radios - help identifying

Hello everyone - went to a radio show yesterday and discovered this beautiful piece - now hooked on the world of Scott Radios.  Everyone at the show who saw it was captivated by all the chrome - myself included.  Can anyone tell me what model this is?  Also, from what I can find, looks like there are a couple more parts needed to get it up and running:

1) Amplifier

2) Speaker

Anything else?  Would anyone know if there is a model number of each that will go with this unit?  Thinking eBay will be the best place to watch for these - but any other recourse suggestions would be most appreciated.   

The serial number on the tag is J-575



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Welcome and thanks for your inquiry.  The tuner chassis is from the "Full Range High Fidelity" receiver initially offered as the "Allwave Imperial" (name had already been used by another manufacturer) and among collectors as the Allwave 23 because the complete receiver has 23-tubes.  You have the early version introduced late in 1934.  In addition to the power amplifier and speaker you may want to look for an original set of knobs and escutcheons.  The tuning escutcheon is essential because it contained the screen on which the dial scale was projected.  Options included a pair of tweeters and an accessory volume range expander.  The tweeters are pricey due to demand by the hi-fi collectors in Asia.  The volume range expander is scarce and does not add much to the performance of the radio.


Thanks, Norman!  Really appreciate the information and helping me to put together my 'wish list'.  Are the Power Amplifiers and Speakers fairly universal?  Or do I need to look for ones specific to this particular model?



The AW-23 power amplifier is very unique.  A few power amplifiers were built by collectors in need before the internet but with the advent of the internet, I doubt any collector has needed to build a power amplifier.  They turn up on eBay two to three times a year but usually without the pricey 2A3 tubes.  Modifying a power amplifier designed for any other radio would be more difficult than building a power amplifier from scratch because you would have to work within the constraints of the real estate available.  Speakers can be substituted with less effort but this usually entails addition of a chassis to house the output transformer and filter resistors/B+ dividers/chokes that are all housed within the pedestal of the original AW-23 speaker.  Like the power amplifiers, the speakers turn up on eBay two to three times a year.


To help your understanding:

1)   Decent photos of the correct AMP for the AW-23 on recent ebay item,

eBay item number:   121915964073

technical info on this Scott site. Uses four 2A3 triodes, nd two rectifiers (one 5Z3 and one 83V).

2)   photos of escutcheon set,       eBay item number:    121915964073

3)  photos of the 12 inch pedestal speaker and optional tweeter pair.

Bay item number:       131746251074

Note the speaker has a long cable to the amp. Also a short cable that goes to one or the other of the  2 receptacles on the speaker base, depending on whether the tweeters are used. The tweeters (special Jensen Q series) have field coils too.

Thanks, David/Norman - so very helpful - this is going to be a fun project!


Hi David - would you mind looking up the ebay item # for the Escutcheon Set again?  The number posted above is the same number as the Amp.




eBay item number:

Hello everyone - haven’t had the time to work on this project and looking to sell this piece - does anyone have a suggestion for where to sell (maybe ebay is the best option)?



Try right here.

Although not complete, the chrome looked very nice. Someone might be interested in yours as an upgrade to a complete radio with a receiver with poor to fair chrome.

Will do - thanks, David!

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