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I'm Day Radebaugh from El Dorado, Kansas, and was happy to find this site.  30 years ago, when I was a starving student, I lived in a house in Baltimore that was in the process of being sold.  They had an old Scott console (with a phonograph, as i recall) which i bought for $5.  I couldn't keep the cabinet, but kept all but the phonograph.  It's been stored inside ever since.

So now I'd like to have it restored, and I would build a new console to contain it.  Do you have any suggestions about how to proceed?  Anyone you know of who could tackle a functional restoration of this unit?

Thanks for your help.

Day Radebaugh

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Have you seen this up on eBay?  Was up at $300, then down, and back up at $270.  It's no beauty, but has some historical interest:

I hate to say this, but there are a lot of Scott WWII sets out there. I have several I would GIVE to a collector who would be interested in having one. They are both heavy and good performers. Unfortunately, they are too heavy to ship, unless you find one locally. Like anything, certain models are more scarce than others. The SLR-12B is "in the middle" of unusual, I'd say. 

Thanks for the insight.  I'm sorry I don't live near Ohio; I'd take you up on that offer.

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