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Hi i want to align the IF s on my phantom, The adjustment trimmers are not marked on the schematic from what i see where are they? Which manual do i use for alignment? I have the 20 tube version. Next what is the proper bleeder resistor size for the audio amp??? I have seen 2 diffrent scematics showing a 4k 25 watt resistor and another one showing a 6k 25 watt resistor!What are the proper voltages for the 6L6s???How do you adjust the eye tube ??? Cant seem to find any info on that they provide a adjustment for that..I recapped everything over a year ago now want to do complete alignment on the set! Thanks for the help!

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First off, alignment. Go to the "Scott Info Archive" link up above. Navigate to Set Folders > Phantom> and then look for the service manuals (PDF files). There is one for the Phantom Deluxe, that is your model. It gives all instructions for alignment and diagrams on where the adjustments are located. Follow the procedure carefully, if the set is in good working order, alignment should go "by the book". 

Is the bleeder resistor in your set missing? If it is there, use an ohmmeter to see if it is closer to 4K or 6K. I'll have to do some research to see what might have changed the value on this in different versions. 

The tuning eye: there is an adjustment near the 6B8 3rd IF tube on the top of the chassis. It is a screwdriver adjustment. It is shown in the service information. 

Keep asking questions here, I'm sure others will assist too!


I have the alignment instructions for my set must have missed the eye tube adjustment instructions! The bleeder resistor was missing so right now i have a 8k 25 watt resistor in there.Yes i do see where the adjustment for  the eye tube is.Seems there is 3 diffrent power supply/audio amps ,makes things confusing...The set needs a RF and IF Alignment, on all bands.Just checked all tubes today and found 2 weak ones in the receiver ,replaced them and set plays a bit better.Dial is off on all bands tho.

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